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About Us

Being a Outcast can cast you in the right direction. 

Outcast is a small tech business that allows individuals to network with friends and newcomers to develop new ideas, music, communicate, and etc. Throughout society, we have seen on different platforms unfortunately we all are being marginalized to express or discuss certain topics in our everyday lives. Outcast is a place where if you feel ousted by society, friends, family, or other entities you can come and express new ideas and plans with like-minded individuals like yourself. We want to see each group or individual progress as much as possible. We believe in education and growing from history and having discussions with each other. Hope you decide to join Outcast so your ideas/ goals come to reality. 

Outcast Founder

    Donovan Coleman

If you're interested to join Outcast to be a content creator, please email us and we will contact you. Thank you and have a great day.